Stephen Industries Inc Oy is a private Finnish investment company. We have specialized in identifying, acquiring, holding and developing technology companies operating on well defined niche areas of expertise. We are nurturing our companies with a long-term perspective of ownership. Together with selected international partners we are supporting our companies in upholding the highest R & D standards and cutting edge technologies securing innovations and new markets for their products.
Picosun - The ALD Powerhouse
  Picosun Oy develops and manufactures Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) reactors for scientific and industrial production purposes. ALD technology is a must for sealing surfaces and any micro- and nanotechnology applications where conformal, uniform and high quality thin films are required. Numerous ALD reactors by Picosun have been installed across Europe, USA, and Asia.

Picosun has expertise that has been attained from over three decades of ALD reactor manufacturing in Finland. Dr. Tuomo Suntola, the inventor of the ALD method in 1974, is a Member of Picosun Board of Directors. Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Sven Lindfors has continuously designed ALD systems since 1975. Highly committed Picosun personnel have an unparalleled amount of ALD experience and have contributed to more than 100 patents on ALD. The long history and comprehensive background establish Picosun as your optimal partner in ALD.
KP-Tekno Oy - Champion of Clean Air Quality
  KP-Tekno Oy develops and manufactures central vacuum cleaners. Sold under the trade name Puzer, this brand is one of the strongest central vacuum cleaner brands in Finland. KP-Tekno, using it´s patented technology, is the only manufacturer in the world producing central vacuum cleaners for individual apartments in apartment block buildings. KP-Tekno also manufactures central vacuum cleaners as an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) to local and global companies, such as Electrolux.